10 Must-Visit Resources for Every Modern Designer

In today’s digital age, the demand for high-quality design resources is more significant than ever. But with countless websites offering a plethora of mockups, icons, and templates, it can take a lot of work to figure out where to start. So, here’s a streamlined guide to ten game-changing platforms every designer should bookmark.

  1. Discover Icon Nirvana with Iconfinder: Spearheaded by Martin LeBlanc Elgtved in 2007, Iconfinder is not just another icon library. Think of it as Google for icons with a marketplace twist. An ideal spot for web developers, it ensures you won’t sweat over finding suitable vector icons.
  2. Futuramo’s Visual Icon Feast: Beyond its primary role as a team collaboration platform, Futuramo boasts an astonishing collection of 45,000 UI icons in diverse styles. It is ideally suited for designers looking to create visually cohesive projects.
  3. Engaging Mockups Made Easy with Placeit: Need to showcase your design on an iPhone or iPad template? Placeit offers a fun twist, allowing users to drag and drop their designs into over 600 product mockups. And if you need high-res images, there’s a discount waiting for you.
  4. FreePik – The Designer’s Treasure Chest: If you’re searching for free vectors, PSDs, or photos, FreePik is your one-stop shop. This platform covers all your needs, be it presentations, banners, or websites.
  5. Dive into the Designmoo Community: A bubbling hub of creativity, Designmoo offers a plethora of free mockups. But there’s more; you can find and share UI kits, vectors, fonts, and more with fellow graphic enthusiasts.
  6. Pixeden’s Quality Promise: Renowned for its stellar graphic templates, Pixeden should be on every designer’s radar. From text effects to background graphics, there’s a free PSD mockup template for every requirement.
  7. Graphic Burger’s Design Delicacies: Craving high-quality mockups? Head over to Graphic Burger. Their in-house designs and contributions from global designers make it a hub of authentic and top-notch resources.
  8. Interactive Prototyping with Mockplus: For those looking to create dynamic mockups across platforms, Mockplus offers a vast UI component library. Its added functionalities make presentations and showcases interactive and immersive.
  9. Travel the Mockup World: With curated PSD mockup templates from global designers and agencies, Mockup World offers categorized directories, making your search easier.
  10. Step into the Premium Pixels Club: This club offers more than mockups. Dive in to find sketches, brushes, patterns, and textures for grabs without a price tag.

The digital realm is rich with resources, but knowing where to look is half the battle. With these platforms at your fingertips, the design world has become more exciting.